23 Density Polyester Foam

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We offer 23 Density Polyester foam in roll form for both flame and glue lamination applications, Supplies in roll form ensure fast processing at the time of lamination, and therefore these foams are used widely on Single/Double-side & Multilayer flame lamination machines to meet a broad range of industrial & comfort applications. 

We process these foam through Looper with a joint option at 30, 60, 120 meters as per specific customer requirements.

Country of Origin: Indian and China



Density (Kg/m3)

23 (+/-)2

Tensile Strength (Kgf/cm2)

Greater than 1

Elongation (%)

Greater than 180

Hardness Value (IFD) Kg/323 cm2 at 50% Compression

30 (+/- 4)

Resilience (%)

Greater than 30

Air Flow (%)


A. Open cell structure offering better bonding and good results to process products through a flame lamination process.

B. These foam passes the FMVSS-302 test therefore are considered better for automotive product processing.

Density: 23 Kg/m3.

Common Thickness: 1.6 mm to any required.

Common Width: Starting from 1.30 meters up to 2 meters.

Common Color: White, Grey, and Black.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: Each Roll in an HM plastic sheet and then in an HDPE bag.

Compressed Packaging: Possible.

Delivery: Within 5 days once the order is confirmed.

Processing a wide range of flame lamination products like seat covers, sun-visors, sportswear, and padding.


We are in a position to offer Polyester foam in any required Density, Size, Quantity, Color against specific requirements. Please share your detailed requirements at enabling us to serve you better.