32 Density Blended Flexible Foam

Product Code: FV-B-32

32 Density Blended Foams are a blend of Medium to High-density foam chemicals & a low quantity of filler to target customer segment in requirement of high-density foam at a reasonable price. Adding a small quantity of filler does not impact the quality of foam majorly but brings down foam prices reasonably downwards.  

Due to high density and fillers, these foams have higher hardness compared to other grades & in the same category.

a. These foams have better hardness and stability.

b. Economical compared to pure foam but with similar properties.

Foam Density Range: 32 Kg/m3

Size & Thickness: As per requirement.

Colour: White, Yellow. The specific color can also be processed.

Feel Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Supply: No supply constraint.

Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 2 working days once the order is confirmed.

Comfort Industry applications like “Value for Money” Mattress, Cushions, Chair Pads, and Packaging.


We offer 32 Density Grade Foams in any required shape, size, colour, feel as per customer specification and end application requirements. We request you to please drop your inquiries at enabling us to serve you promptly.