Bicycle Seats

Product Code: FV-MB-07

We process Bicycle seats (also known as bicycle saddle) in different densities, shapes & with different comfort level using an injection molding technique. A diverse mix of raw materials is used to produce foam with desired firmness & comfort to meet the specific requirement of a bicycle rider. We serve riders from a big age group starting from 4 years to 80 years old. Our molded bicycle seats offer the right cushioning and comfort enabling the rider to focus on the ride with the best support and comfort.

With the high robust production capabilities & associates, we offer bicycle seats in the required size, shape, density, firmness and with additional parts and inserts such as hook & loop, plastics, metals, wood, fabric, packaging to meet specific customer requirements. 

A. Substantial reduction in labor costs (much lower than the fabricating of complex shapes)


B. Reduction in foam wastage (from the cutting operation)

C. High Resilience and Durability

Common Foam Density: 40 Kg/m3 to 50 Kg/m3


Foam Shape: Any Required.


Common Color: White


Supply Ability: No Constraint


Packaging: A set of bicycle seats in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag


Delivery: Within a week once the order is confirmed.

Bicycle Industry


We are in a position to offer a wide range of Bicycle seats and allied products. We request you to please drop your inquiries at enabling us to serve you promptly.