High Resilience Foam

Product Code: FV-TR-HR

As the name suggest High Resilience foams are foam grades having extra resilience properties compared to normal foam in same density. These foams are Polyether based Polyurethane foams having similar properties to natural latex. In high end mattress, furniture, sofa & sofa seats these foams are used with viso elastic foam (memory foam) to enhance the effect of Viso elastic foam (memory foam) by offering firmer base. High Resilience foams have open, less uniform cell structure which offers very fast recovery & bounce back properties.  

A. These foams have high resilience properties compared to normal foams.

B. High Resilience foams are highly durable in nature therefore considered good product for high end mattress.

C. High Resilience mattress offers a substitute to Natural Latex.

Density: 40 & 60 Kg/m3

Size & Thickness: For Rolls- Width up to 2 meters and thickness starting from 10mm.

                                 For Sheets- As per requirement.

Colour: White & Light Brown.

Supply: No supply constraint.


In sheet form: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet then in a HDPE bag.

In Roll form: Each Roll in a HM plastic sheet and then in a HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 15 days once order is confirmed.

Mattress, Furniture, Sofa Seats.


We are in a position to offer HR foam in any required Density, Size, Quantity, Colour against specific requirements. We request you to please drop your inquiries at enabling us to serve you promptly.