Pyramid Acoustic Foam

Product Code: FV-TR-PAF

We offer Fire Retardant Pyramid Profiled Acoustic Flexible Foams serving a wide range of Home and Industrial Acoustic applications where lightweight, high-performance noise absorber is needed. These foams are Fire Retardant in nature and designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound (both high and low frequency) with optimizing pore size, air flow resistance, and density. These foam converts sound energy into thermal energy, therefore, reduce sound to cross out and provide the best acoustic solution.  

Acoustic foam is profiled in Pyramid shape as pyramid shape provides little diffusion, it makes the sound more dynamic and therefore when installing with different Bass Trap, Wedges options it offers best acoustic solutions. 

Fire Retardant Options: UL-94, CA-117, BS5852, FMVSS302

Major Use: Sound Absorbing and Sound Diffusion applications.

Other Options: Can be offered with Acoustic Coatings and Self Adhesive Backing with different base and peak thickness options.

A. Absorb sound energy & highly affordable compared to other acoustic product in market products.
B. Flexible, Durable, Easy to Die-cut therefore easy to apply at the application point.
C. Carry flame retardant properties, therefore, are safer in every applied application.
D. Can be offered with acoustic coating & self-adhesive backing options for better lifespan and product performance.

Foam Density: Any required Density ranging from 23 Kg/m3 to 60 Kg/m3
Foam Thickness: Base and Peak Height vary application to application.
Size: Any Required
Cutting: Processed using high quality CNC foam cutting machines
Common Color: Grey and White
Supply Ability: No Constraint
Packaging: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag
Delivery: Within 8 days once the order is confirmed.

Studio, Piano room, Study room, Drum room, Home theater, Meeting rooms, Instrument rooms, Recording room, Canopy & Compressors, Silent rooms, Cinemas, and Multiplexes.


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