Triss Free FR Foam

Product Code: FV-TR-TFFR

Most of the Flexible Fire Retardant foams are processed using common chemical Tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate. In 1970 it was discovered by the U.S that using Tris (1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate in product manufactured for human use (especially children) can cause severe problems like  potential health menaces, associated with cancers, memory loss, lower I.Q.s, and impaired motor skills in children, to name a few woes, therefore, a guideline was introduced especially for the product used by children should be without any Tris content in the foam.

Keeping above in mind we process Tris's free foam with Fire retardant properties to meet specific customer and country law requirements.

A. Without harmful chemicals, these foams are considered best for kid’s product.

B. Carry quality Fire retardant and cushioning properties.

Common Density: 28, 32 Kg/m3

Size: As per requirement.

Colour: Grey, Charcoal, White

Supply Ability: No supply constraint.


Sheets: A set of sheets in a Black LDPE sheet than in an HDPE bag.

Delivery: Within 5 working days.

Nursing Pillows, Chair Pads, Child Beds, Baby Carriers.


We are in a position to offer FR foams in any required Density, Size, Quantity, Colour against specific customer & end application requirements. We request you to please drop your inquiries at enabling us to serve you promptly.